Friendswood Friends Church Tropical Storm Harvey Recovery Operations Daily Report Date:  01 September 2017

This daily report is being written to keep all of those that are interested in the Friendswood Friends Church Tropical Storm Harvey recovery operations effort informed of our activities.


Our efforts today included activities at five (5) different locations and involved approximately 41 volunteers.  A lot of the volunteers worked a full day today and this resulted in approximately 330 hours of work.  Progress was made at all locations and three of these locations were completed today.


The primary activities and accomplishments for 01 September 2017, consisted of:

  • A morning meeting was held at 7:30 am to preview the day’s events with work teams.
  • The designated storage area for donated cleaning supplies was inventoried by Katelyn Sanders and information was transferred to an Excel spreadsheet for inventory management purposes.
  • Initial remedial work is continuing on our list of FFC members flooded homes.
  • The Transportation Ministry had no requests for service today.
  • Internet service at FFC has been restored.  The phone service is still not working.
  • The FFC Child Care Ministry was operating today from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.  This service will continue on Saturday, September 2nd.  Call Kody Shepherd at 713-882-1789 for details.
  • Some donations of food items were taken to the Mary Queen Food Bank.
  • A few excess cleaning supply items were donated to some of the flood victims in the Dickinson, TX, area.
  • The Brothers Supply Company sent us a delivery of free cases of fruit.  Included in this shipment were fresh bananas, strawberries, apple slices, pineapple chunks and oranges.  We are grateful to the Brothers Supply Company and their driver Brent for their generosity.
  • Met with a videographer to discuss his services and the guidelines for filming various FFC recovery activities.
  • A FFC recovery response meeting has been set for Sunday evening to determine future operational capabilities after schools resume and our volunteer pool shrinks as a result.
  • A requirement for all worksite tools provided by FFC to be returned to our utility trailer at the end of each workday has been implemented.

Current Needs

  1.  Local volunteers to assist with initial flooded home remedial work.  Each volunteer is asked to bring their own equipment if they have it such as: sturdy work gloves, sturdy work shoes, safety glasses, Sawzall, small pry bar, and hammer. If you do not have this equipment we will take you anyway.
  2.  Cleaning Supplies: Thanks to all who have provided the requested support.  We are good for now on cleaning supplies.
  3.  Lunch for Work Teams Support: We are in need of some deserts like brownies and cookies.  We also need some large bottles of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and all flavors of Gatorade. Another item needed is some plastic Solo cups to use with the soft drinks. In addition, we could use some large bags of various types of chips.  
  4.  Other supplies needed: moving boxes for removing items from flooded homes and gatorade to keep crews hydrated.

Looking Ahead

Over the next week FFC will be working to provide initial remedial flood recovery support for affected FFC members.  When schools and businesses re-open after the Labor Day Weekend, many of our current work team will have to go back to their regular jobs and workplaces.  At that time FFC will re-assess our work team support needs and determine our support requirements.

The near term local weather in Friendswood will be good enough for recovery efforts to continue.    The Labor Day forecast calls for a 50% chance of rain.  Unfortunately we have not even reached the peak of the hurricane season as noted in the graphic below, so will be watching the topics with great interest.

Points of Contact

Tom Samson, FFC Recovery Response and Donations Coordinator at 281-221-1320.

Molly Black, FFC Recovery Response Communications at 832-860-0992.

Moe Mayes, The City of Friendswood Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Faith Based Organizations Coordinator, 281-236-7080.

Tony Daniels, FFC Transportation Ministry Coordinator, 281-731-1132.

Kody Shepherd, FFC Child Care Ministry, 713-882-1789