Friendswood Friends Church Responds to Tropical Storm Harvey
Date: Sunday, 3 September 2017

Today, the fifth day of our recovery effort, we joined in worship to share our experiences and seek strength and solace from each other in God’s presence. This afternoon, our volunteers were back at work, completing demolition at one home and continuing work at several others. Volunteers focused their attention on the most severely damaged homes, with as many as 20 people working in a single residence.

We are conscious that most of our volunteers must return to work and school beginning on Tuesday, so we are trying to get as much accomplished before then as possible. We will continue demolition work with as many people as are able to volunteer, but we expect to do so during the afternoon and evenings at a reduced level of activity. We will communicate through the Groupme app to list our volunteer needs.

We did not have child care for volunteers today, but will offer child care for volunteers between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on Monday.

We are beginning to transition to a longer-range strategy that will include the following:
• Laundry service will be discontinued as a formal function. If flood victims continue to need help with laundry they will be encouraged to call the church telephone number and assistance will be arranged on an ad-hoc basis.
• We are starting a hot meals delivery service to flood victims who are unable to prepare their own meals. We will provide additional details as soon as this service is organized.
• We are limiting receipts of supplies to those items that we specifically request. We ask that anyone interested in donating supplies please call our emergency operations center first and we will gladly discuss our needs.
• We continue to accept donations of funds, which will be used completely and exclusively for the benefit of flood victims. Please go to our website at friendswoodfriends.org to donate to our recovery effort.

Please note the following organizational changes and contact information:
Walter Hansen, Incident Commander 832-755-8097
Sara Wilber, Operations Officer 281-546-0192
Tom Samson, Transportation Leader 281-221-1320
Kody Shepherd, Child Care Ministry, 713-882-1789
Moe Mayes, The City of Friendswood Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Faith Based Organizations Coordinator, 281-236-7080.

Beginning Tuesday, September 5, 2017, all calls to the FFC operations center should be directed to the Friendswood Friends Church telephone number at (281) 482-7821.