Friendswood Friends Church Responds to Tropical Storm Harvey

Date:  Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Twenty-three volunteers worked today, completing three more homes and started cleaning at two more. To date we have assisted all of the 31 families who experienced damage and requested help. We will continue to stay in touch with these families to ensure that their continuing needs are met to the best of our ability.

Six volunteers are conducting a follow-up survey, contacting each of our flood victims to check on their well-being and asking questions to determine their longer-term needs.  With 60 percent of responses tabulated, six (25%) respondents do not have flood insurance; six (25%) respondents need FEMA registration assistance; seven (30%) respondents need help with damage assessment; nine (38%) need help getting contractors; four (17%) need help getting organized; one needs help cleaning up property; one needs help with laundry; four (17%) need transportation assistance; and one needs help with hot meals.  These needs will be shared with coordinators for each of these functions to ensure they are addressed.

Policies and procedures are in place to allocate cash donations to our flood relief efforts.  All donations received will be given to flood victims to help them restore their homes. People may donate by sending a check to the church office with a “flood assistance” memo notation, or by using the “Donate” tab on the church website at friendswoodfriends.org.

A link to the website that provides instructions for registering with FEMA was posted on GroupMe and the church web site.  The link is https://www.fema.gov/apply-assistance.

We will also publish guidelines for working with insurance adjusters to help our members prepare for this process.

We are compiling a list of reliable contractors and others who can assist homeowners in determining their contract needs and provide price estimates.  Please call the church office at (281) 482-7821 or email shannon@friendswoodfriends.org to recommend a contractor or request assistance in finding a contractor.

We have joined a database that will allow us to record our volunteer hours for the benefit of the City of Friendswood and will allow us to expand our recovery efforts beyond the church family if we continue to have volunteers willing to help.  We will keep everyone apprised of our efforts in this mission.

Damage to the church was limited to water intrusion in the front of the worship center and some minor flooding in the chapel.  We have removed the carpeting in the chapel and will be repairing drywall damage in the worship center next week.

Contact the command post using the church telephone number, 281-482-7821, or using the email for Joyce Byrne at joyce@friendswoodfriends.org.