Reflection Questions for 2018

Reflection Questions for 2018

The following is a set of reflection questions – based on our commitment to love, learn and listen – intended to help our church better center on Christ and live for him in the new year:


  • As my neighborhood begins to take on the external appearance of normalcy after Harvey, who is a neighbor still struggling to recover?  How can I come alongside him or her?
  • In what ways do I see God’s Kingdom breaking through in my life and community?  Are there barriers to His Kingdom coming more fully in these areas?  Where can I participate in bringing the hope of His Kingdom within my family, neighborhood, community, and world?​


  • How do I know the difference between God’s will for our church and my own will?  How might God want to prune our church in the year ahead so that we might bear more fruit?  How might he want to prune my life?
  • Are there any parts of my life I am not granting God access to?  Could someone recognize me as a follower of Jesus if he or she looked at my web browser history?  At my finances?  At my schedule?


  • With national conversations becoming increasingly divisive, whom am I prone to judging too quickly?  Who are the people that I just can’t understand? In what ways can I reach out in love to those who think, act, or look different from me?  How can I discuss areas of disagreement in a way that is more constructive and less critical?