“Spring Invasion” Mission Trip Testimony by Camryn Bish

“Spring Invasion” Mission Trip Testimony by Camryn Bish

A group of twenty-eight high school students and adult leaders from Friendswood Friends Church recently spent spring break in Agujita, Mexico, partnering in ministry with the Friends Church there.  Here is a reflection on that experience written by Camryn Bish, a senior at Friendswood High School.

Spring Invasion Testimony

Spring Invasion is a mission trip that Mid-America Evangelical Friends Church participates in. My team stayed in Agujita, Coahuila, Mexico. The town welcomed us with open arms and were so excited to see us come this Spring Break. We split up into small groups and stayed in host homes. Staying in a host home was something I have never experienced before. I was shocked when I found out my host home gave up all of their bedrooms in their home for us, while they slept on the tile floor. They truly showed the light of God through their selflessness and that is a feeling I will never forget.

While we were there, we did construction in the church and VBS. We took down walls and floors in order for their church to expand their stage. The week consisted of hard labor and I was often sore the next day from slinging a sledge hammer. Our team was amazing at construction due to our experience in Harvey. Each day after the local school got out, we had about 50-60 kids join us in our VBS. It consisted of songs, crafts, stories and a game. The kids were so accepting of us and were really involved in our VBS. They enjoyed getting to know each of our team members. One of my favorite memories was one day after a game: I got chalk out and wrote my name on the road to try to show the kids how to write their name. Instead, the kids starting writing my name! They were laughing and giggling when they showed me. They made me feel so loved because they wanted to learn how to spell and pronounce my name since it’s not a typical Spanish name.

Throughout Spring Invasion, God was teaching me patience, unconditional love, and reminded me that all things can be made new. Trying to speak Spanish to everyone became super difficult and I often grew mad at myself for not being able to communicate how I wanted to. Then I realized that the kids didn’t care if I couldn’t speak Spanish, they loved me still. It made me realize that I need to learn from them how Jesus showed unconditional love. Even though we were there to teach them stories from the Bible, they often were teaching me new things. My love for God was awakened on this trip due to this experience. They made my devotion to Jesus new and awoke me from my sleep. I am proud to say that after this trip, I am devoting my whole life to Jesus and I am so excited to have attended this trip.