“Spring Invasion” Mission Trip Testimony by Kristin Baker

“Spring Invasion” Mission Trip Testimony by Kristin Baker

A group of twenty-eight high school students and adult leaders from Friendswood Friends Church recently spent spring break in Agujita, Mexico, partnering in ministry with the Friends Church there.  Here is a reflection on that experience written by Kristin Baker, a senior at Clear Springs High School. 

Spring Invasion is a trip that high school students participate in through Mid-America Yearly Meeting. This year our team stayed in Agujita, Mexico while working with the Friends Church there.  While we were there we helped with construction work and also held a VBS for the kids. Our work project consisted of tearing down the back wall of the church as well as the stage. It was a lot of hard work and most of us were often sore the next day, however I never heard any complaining from anyone. This was because we all shared the work load and made sure everyone had the help they needed.

We also held a VBS for the kids after they got out of school. Each day there were 50 to 60 kids who attended. We had snacks, games, crafts, and of course the story. The kids were all so excited to be there and even though I only spoke a little Spanish it was refreshing to see that they didn’t care. We were still able to communicate through smiles and hand gestures. I found that even though we come from two different cultures, God is able to truly show us that the seemingly big challenges aren’t so big as we may think. One of my favorite memories is when Janet Black took a group of us to a very poor community close to Agujita to host another Bible School there. Even though the kids had little to nothing, it was incredible to see how thankful they were for what they had. It made me stop and consider the fact that I am very fortunate and not to take simple things such as a hot shower for granted.

God taught me a lot during this week in Mexico. I could talk for hours about my experiences and what I learned. I learned that Mexico is an amazing place where, by the end of the week, I didn’t want to come back to Texas. By the end of our time in Agujita, I had gained a second family: from our host family that gave up their beds, to the kids who always had a smile on their faces. I saw so much love everywhere I looked. After this week in Mexico, I am praying for everyone there to continue to grow with God and continue to love unconditionally. As for me, I have been renewed by the spirit and can’t wait to go back to Mexico.


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