Message: David Bridges
“Get Creative in Love”

OUR HEARTFELT SYMPATHY AND OUR PRAYERS go to several members of our congregation who have lost loved ones in the past few days. Jim Latimer passed away on Monday, November 4th. A memorial service will take place on Saturday, November 16th at 10 a.m in the Worship Center. Dora Gutierrez Flores, the mother of Dora Kerr and grandmother of Alicia Baumer, passed away on Sunday, November 3rd.  Funeral services were held in Laredo earlier this week. Ginger Killian-Rubash’s youngest sister, Christine, passed away on Tuesday November 5th. Please remember the Latimer, Kerr and Killian families in your prayers as they grieve.

YOU’RE INVITED to a book discussion on November 13th at 6 p.m. in the Brides Room. David Bridges will lead the conversation based on the book, How the Bible Actually Works by Peter Enns. If you would enjoy processing what that book says with others, come and join us. Copies of the book are available on the Kiosk in the foyer for $20 each. If you need nursery care for your child, please call the church office.

PRIMETIMERS will not meet this month due to a scheduling conflict with the Senior Center’s Thanksgiving dinner. See you on Tuesday, December 10th for our Christmas Party. Save the date.

WE ALL ENJOY CELEBRATING OUR BLESSINGS, especially during the Thanksgiving season. This year we are preparing a slideshow of photos of individual families and youth groups enjoying time together that you send us. Your pictures can include picnics, dinners, and camp activities of our congregation to be shown on the screen during the Chorale’s Thanksgiving Celebration anthem with orchestra. Please send in your clips to Shannon Harris at shannon@friendswoodfriends.org. Let’s begin creating our production! Please send your pictures in by November 15th.

BIBLE QUIZ PIE SALE: Our Bible Quiz Team students are taking orders for homemade pies. These pies are not only delicious and just in time for Thanksgiving, but they help pay for our Junior High Bible Quiz program! The cost is $20 for pumpkin pies and $25 for pecan or apple pies. You can place your order at the table in the Coffee Café before and after the service. Bible quizzers will take orders today through November 17th. The pies will be available for pick up at the church on Sunday morning, November 24th. If you have questions, contact Josiah Brown. Thank you for helping to support our quiz team!

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