Funeral information for Margaret Cline

Funeral information for Margaret Cline

Margaret Cline passed away on Monday, January 6th. The memorial service will take place on Monday, January 13th at 10 am in the Worship Center. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the Cline family as they grieve.

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  1. Mike Nixon

    As I remember, some 40-plus years ago, Miss Margaret is a sweet soul that certainly is in peace and awe before the presence of God Almighty. May the entire Cline family rest in the blessed assurance that Miss Margaret is walking with Jesus to that mansion He has prepared for her. As a side note, the entire Cline family was always kind to me during a humbling and transitional period of my life. God bless all y’all accordingly. With much love and genuine appreciation I offer these words.
    Be a blessing,
    Mike Nixon

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