July 28th update from David Bridges

July 28th update from David Bridges

We’re not the only ones who have ever had to socially distance ourselves from others. Luke’s 17th chapter tells us that one day as Jesus was entering a village, “ten men with skin diseases approached him. Keeping their distance from him, they raised their voices and said, ‘Jesus, Master, show us mercy!'” Those men with the skin diseases knew about social distancing. But they didn’t know about practicing gratitude. After Jesus healed all ten of the men, only one returned to thank Jesus. And, shockingly, that one was a Samaritan.

We can learn from the other men who were healed, but who forgot to thank Jesus, how easy it is to forget to give thanks. During our experience with the Coronavirus, it’s been easy for me to forget about giving thanks. What’s been easy is to complain. And I have complained more than enough-just ask Rochelle. I’ve not been able to do all the things I’ve wanted to do, go all the places I’ve wanted to go, or see all the people I’ve wanted to see. In the midst of my complaining, I’ve noticed I easily forget to give thanks for all the things I can do and all the people I can see. Perhaps this story about these socially distanced men will remind us all how easily we forget to give thanks, and motivate us to practice gratitude on a daily basis. Give thanks for the Lord is good. God’s steadfast love endures forever!

Ann Whitaker fell and broke bones in her upper leg and elbow last week, and then was hospitalized again for breathing and heart complications after she’d been released. She seems to be improving and can speak with Harold on the phone but he is unable to visit her. Please pray for them both as she heals and they navigate this time of separation.

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David Bridges