Family Promise Volunteer Training Videos

Family Promise Volunteer Training Videos

If you have volunteered with Family Promise OR are interested in learning more about this program, we encourage you to take advantage of some brief training videos that are available to watch online at your convenience.

Each of the training sessions is between 5 and 8 minutes long and covers a specific aspect of volunteer engagement. Family Promise of Clear Creek is considering this video series as the basic (Volunteer Training 1.0) training program. Information will be available soon regarding the next step in training for those who are interested.

Feel free to invite any and all to take this training! If you have questions, please contact Desiree Trevino ( or Beth Skeeter (

Virtual Volunteer Training 1.0

1.       Introduction:

2.       Who Are You Preparing to Welcome?:

3.       Welcome!:

4.       Dinner: Setting the Table for Success:

5.       Parenting Perspectives: Raising Awareness, Creating Balance:

6.       Boundaries Build Beautiful Experiences:

7.       Assessment: