November 10th update from David Bridges

November 10th update from David Bridges

Greetings in the name of our Lord!

Someone asked me last week about becoming a member in our church and I was reminded that our membership process is quite simple.  After one has worshipped with us for some time and has a sense of our commitments and practices, a very simple membership application can be filled out and submitted to our Coordinators for approval.  One of the questions on that application is about discipleship to Jesus.  It reads something like this:  Do you commit yourself to doing and saying the things Jesus said to do and say?  For me, being a Christian involves making learning to do and say what Jesus said to do and say the most important thing in my life.  And of course, just learning isn’t enough, I have to put those things into practice.  At Friendswood Friends, we’re constantly striving to learn who Jesus is, what Jesus is like and how Jesus can work and live in and through us so that we can live out a Jesus-centered faith.  We do these things because we believe that Jesus is the best revelation of God we have ever received.  As Jason Porterfield has said before, “God is like Jesus.  God is always like Jesus.”  So learning to do and say what Jesus said to do and say becomes central to our faith.  This week, consider reading from one of the gospels that teaches you about Jesus.  And then, in every situation you can remember to do so, ask yourself, “what would Jesus do?” That is the heart of our Christian faith. 

As you know, the pandemic has seriously limited the celebration of our church’s 125 years in this community.  But this week, the celebration committee is carrying out part of their original plan, which was to give a Live Oak tree to every other church in our community.  Part of the letter which will accompany the tree reads: 

As we’ve reviewed our history in this community, we’ve become more deeply appreciative of how other churches have emerged throughout the years in order to live and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We’re thankful for your presence in our community and grateful to be your partners in the gospel… we’re presenting your church with an oak tree, which for us has been both a beautiful feature of our property and a metaphor for our Christian growth—we hope to grow deep roots and strong branches because of our connection to the True Vine.

I’m so proud of our 125 years of ministry in this area and praise God for how God has used Friends in this community throughout the years.  And that includes you!  I’m grateful for your faithfulness and how your lives witness to God’s goodness and grace time and time again.  Let’s give God thanks in our prayers this week for the many faithful people who have gone before us and for God’s sustenance in their lives and in our own.  And pass along your thanks to Anouk Davis when you have a chance.  She has chaired the celebration committee this year and will be busy this week delivering trees!

This Week

Tony Daniels hosts a lunch for men most Wednesdays in the Coffee Café.  Participants bring their own lunch and sit at tables spaced apart from one another.  If you’re interested in participating, let Tony know (281-731-1132)—he’d be thrilled to have you join the group when you can.

Women are invited to pray at the home of Kody Shepherd on Wednesday mornings at 9:45 am for a 30-minute time of prayer. Join with other women to pray for one another, for our church, and for a different specific topic each week. To get the address, call or email Kody ( ).

May God center you in truth and steady your spirit.  May Christ renew your joy and strengthen your will.  And may the Spirit teach you God’s hidden wisdom and fill you with songs of rejoicing.


David Bridges