June 22nd update from David Bridges

June 22nd update from David Bridges

A few weeks ago we received some thank you notes from Evangelical Friends Mission board members.  You probably remember that EFM is the mission arm of Friends churches and is the agency that sponsors the Brad and Chelsea Carpenter family in Rwanda, David Thomas in Oregon, and the M. and K. L. family in Asia—all families that our church supports.  In the past, we’ve had several other missionaries from our church serve with EFM and have been thankful for their good work around the world. 

But the notes we received expressed thanks TO US—thanks for our church.  One board member wrote, “Friendswood Friends Church has always been a champion of missions and the world is a better place because you exist.  You continue to be faithful in your support of EFM and its missionaries.  Thank you…”  He was right.  Our church has been a faithful champion of God’s mission across the world and our support has made a difference in peoples’ lives to the extent that it is accurate to say, “the world is a better place because (we) exist.”  What a statement.  I’m so proud to pastor a group of people about whom these things can be said.  Your continuing support of missions is one way we bless our neighbors and shine Jesus’s light into peoples’ lives.  Praise God for all of you who are making this world a better place in these ways.

This Week

This week a couple hundred children are on our campus to experience Vacation Bible School.  Janet Black and her many volunteers are running both morning and afternoon sessions to make space for children and the volunteers.  Join me in praying that God will give them all energy for each day as they present the good news of Jesus to all these students.

Through the summer, our office hours will remain limited as our staff engages in summer ministries and takes time off.  If you need to drop by the office, please call ahead of time to make sure the doors will be open. 

If you would like to receive some of the wood from the big oak tree at the front of our property, please contact Jon Kerr (jdk35@sbcglobal.net).  Jon has a team that is planning to distribute some of the wood from the tree to church members, wood workers and community members who are willing to help on this project. 

May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you this week and enable you to love and care for those you encounter. 


David Bridges