August 9th update from David Bridges

August 9th update from David Bridges

Greetings in Christ’s name!

While Jesus seemed to have many disciples that traveled with him from time to time, he appointed 12 as his small group—perhaps choosing that number to mirror the number of the tribes of Israel.  Of the twelve, Jesus seemed to have three—Peter, James and John—who were closest to him.  It seems that Jesus knew that discipleship worked best in small groups of people. 

That’s been my experience as a Jesus follower.  I’ve worshipped in churches with as many as 500 people at a time, but much of how I’ve grown and matured in Christian faith has been in groups that are much smaller and have the kind of environment that allows for interaction between all of the members who are present.  Since I was in high school, being a part of a small group has been an important part of my own spiritual formation.

On August 21st, a small group in our church will begin meeting again on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in room right next to the Coffee Café.  Loy Trevino and Daniel and Molly de la Cerda will lead that group in the study of Mark’s gospel and facilitate interactions among the participants.  If you would like to join them, they would welcome you gladly, hoping that your participation will not only aid your own spiritual growth, but the growth of other people in that group.

Additionally, Charles Bludworth and Jon Kerr have offered to help get some other small groups started in our church.  Those groups could function in a variety of ways or meet at any chosen time.  What we need most is people who are interested in helping lead such groups.  If you’re someone who is interested in connecting with others, or has a specific interest which you think others might be interested in gathering to pursue, let Charles or Jon or me know.  We’d love to help you get a group started. 

This Week:

The team that provides showers and clothing to homeless people in Houston is always in need of more volunteers.  One group meets Monday afternoons to sort and box clothing that can be handed out.  Another tows the shower trailer downtown on Tuesdays.  And volunteers downtown either help distribute clothing, or organize the way people line up for turns in the private showers.  If you’re interested in helping, even just to go along and see how it all works, contact me (this week) or Janet Black (after August 15th). 

Sunday School (or small groups) for all ages begins August 21st at 9:00 am.  All are welcome—children and students in the Friends Center, and adults in the room next to the Coffee Café. 

We host Family Promise guests the week of August 14th. We’re still looking for people who will provide dinner on a few of the nights and a couple hosts for overnight on Saturday.  Contact Beth Skeeter or Desiree Trevino to volunteer, help, or ask questions. 

congregational meeting will follow worship this Sunday in the Coffee Café.  We hope to update all who are interested about the remodeling project in the Education Building and give time for questions about it.  All are welcome. 

May God’s peace surround you and may God’s presence sustain you and give you the courage to love God and your neighbor this week. 


David Bridges