December 6th update from David Bridges

December 6th update from David Bridges

Greetings in Christ’s name!

Did you hear about the bulldozer operator?  He was feeling really depressed so popped some pills that would increase his energy before he headed out to work that day.  As a result of the medicine, he not only flattened a dilapidated cinema complex, but five houses that surrounded it.  He over-dozed. 

A bulldozer is often used to uproot, destroy, flatten and shove aside what is in the way of its path.  When we think of bulldozers we often think of destruction or demolition.  But bulldozers are also used to prepare surfaces for new roads or paths…smoothing out rough places, leveling the ground to make an even, level place.  Dozers are used to fill in low spots and bring down high spots so that the surface is flat, straight and ready to be easily travelled. 

The prophet Isaiah once described the preparation of a road on which the Israelite exiles would return to Jerusalem.  He said it should be made straight, smooth, and easy to travel.  Luke’s gospel then quoted Isaiah while describing what John the Baptist was doing—getting a road ready for the Lord to come. 

And I wonder what kind of preparation we need to make for the Lord to come into our lives and into this world?  Some of us may need to do some demolition work that includes ridding ourselves of harmful attitudes, habits and behaviors.  Others of us may just need to smooth out some rough places and level our schedules and commitments to make it easier for the Lord to enter our lives and the world around us.  Whatever it is, let’s get to bulldozing and make the paths ready for Christ’s coming this season!

This Week:

The All Church Christmas Caroling and Hayride is tonight.  Show up at 5:30pm for pizza or just before 6pm to load up on the trailers.  We’ll sing at a few peoples’ homes and then again at the Friendswood Historical Society’s Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Brown House, before returning to the church. 

If you’re looking for a way to give to those in need this Christmas, consider giving food. Several months ago, we closed our Food Pantry and merged our items with Mary Queen Catholic Church’s Food Pantry. We want to help keep their pantry supplied. If you’re willing, please bring non-perishable food items the next three Sundays to our church. There will be a box available as you enter the Worship Center doors.  Your donations will be delivered to Mary Queen.

Joycina Baker’s family has donated her collection of nativity sets to the church Mission Team to sell as a fundraiser for missions.  Those sets will be available after worship in the Coffee Café again this Sunday.  The team is simply asking for donations for each set. 

All women are invited to the annual Christmas Party and Cookie Exchange on Thursday, December 15th at Shanna Kirkpatrick’s home.  Bring 2 dozen cookies and show up at 412 Fieldcreek Dr at 6pm. 

Here’s a beautiful Advent blessing from Nathan Nettleton at

Go now and let the Lord steer you in the way of truth.
Be on your guard so that you will not be caught up
in the trivialities and anxieties of the world.
Be alert at all times and pray for strength
to escape the traps that would keep you from God.

And may God make you increase in love for one another;
May Christ Jesus teach you how to live in God’s ways;
and may the Holy Spirit strengthen your hearts in holiness,
as you ready yourselves for the coming of the Lord.


David Bridges