Green Friends

God brought into existence our amazing Earth.  It’s full of life, expansive in variety, breathtakingly beautiful and home to more than 5 million species of life, including ourselves.

We believe that God delights in His good creation and calls us to participate in caring for it, or as The Message puts it, “…work the ground and keep it in order…” (Gen 2:15).

Green Friends is a group that is committed to putting into practice the call for good ecological stewardship through the participation in conservation and environmental practices. Our hope is that, step by step, we can bring about improvement in care for the environment in ourselves, our families, our church and the larger community.

Such practice has led to the management of all recyclable products generated at the Friends Church. These products are gathered weekly and turned over to be recycled. The group has assembled ideas and recommendations for energy conservation within the church, as well as in our own homes and neighborhoods.  We will continue to seek avenues to participate in ecological conservation within the greater community.

If you have a heart for caring for the environment as an obedient demonstration of your faith, please consider joining us. We could use your help! Adults, youth and children, help us as we grow and consider the wide range of opportunities! For more information, contact the church office.