Southeast Asia

B & K (Southeast Asia)

B & K (names omitted for security reasons) and their three kids work among the Kali people who number 1.5 million people and are 99% Muslim. They are part of a Church Planting team who has begun partnering with a local community development organization to provide the area with clean drinking water through the construction of cement rain water collection tanks and the distribution of safe, inexpensive household water filters. While their team is active in sharing their faith with Kali friends and acquaintances, they also focus their work on training the local church on how to effectively share their faith with their Muslim neighbors, co-workers, and extended family.

Prayer Points:

  • Boldness to share our faith
  • Protection from the Enemy (physical, emotional, and spiritual health)
  • That our community development organization would be a true blessing to the Kali people
  • For God to raise up Believers with a calling to Muslim ministry
  • For God to anoint 3-4 Kali people/families to come to faith and become ‘sold out’ for reaching their people with the gospel