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Visitor Info

A Message From Pastor David Bridges

I’m so pleased you are seeking information about Friendswood Friends Church. I hope you’ll also seek us out in person by visiting us for worship or inquiring of a member about our church.

We are a group of people who have committed ourselves to love, learn and listen like Jesus has taught us. It is our hope that in doing these things we become better people and make a positive contribution to our community and world.

Friends (Quakers) have a long history of engagement in social transformation because of our commitment to Jesus. Friends founded this community nearly 120 year ago. We’re proud of our heritage but we are not resting on the accomplishments of the past. Today we are making every effort to understand what it means to live faithfully before God by loving and serving others in meaningful and prophetic ways. We look for ways to love and serve so that those around us are glad for our presence in this community. And we hope by doing so others are drawn to a life of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  More than anything else, our prayer is that God’s will would be done among us on earth—like it is in heaven.

At Friendswood Friends Church you’ll find worship that takes God seriously, yet is relaxed and simple. You’ll find people striving to love, learn and listen so that their community is enhanced by the presence and activity of Friends. But most of all, you’ll find people who are committed to living the way Jesus taught us to live. I hope you’ll consider joining us in God’s mission in this world by loving, learning and listening.

Check out the various pages listed below to learn more about our church and how you can get involved: