Friends Summit 2018 Blog, Part 2

Friends Summit 2018 Blog, Part 2

This is a continuation of an earlier post. Click here to see those earlier blog posts and a short description of Friends Summit.

Molly Black:

Summit was a week packed full of conversations. One of my passions is getting to talk to future missionaries. So, it was such an honor for me to walk alongside several young ladies as they discern next steps in their journey. I also had some really encouraging talks with young adults from Friendswood. I was challenged by their hearts to see our church love, disciple and serve well. 

It was tremendously exciting to listen to the next generation be captivated by the Kingdom of God and called into His great mission to love and reconcile this world. They were so diligent to process what passion looks like and will look like in the future for each of them. I am eager to watch the Church walk into this next season knowing the kind of leaders that are rising up among us.

Personally, I felt God renew my own desire to listen and to get back to basics in my time with him. One of the changes I felt the Lord prompting me to was to make a very physical place to meet him. So, this past weekend I took apart and rearranged my very small bedroom. I am delighted with the little reading nook that has emerged. I am looking forward to time set aside to focus on the Lord.

He is good and He goes before us.


Cooper Dawson:

Summit was an awesome experience that sadly only comes around every 4 years. It was so fun getting to see friends from around the nation and make new ones as we went along. The speakers were fantastic (the best I have ever heard) and the food was five star as well. I will never forget this once in a life time experience that I got to attend in 2018 and am excitedly waiting for the next Summit in 2022.