March 22 Online Worship Service

March 22 Online Worship Service

Greetings friends. Each Sunday, for as long as COVID-19 keeps us physically apart, we’ll gather together here at the church’s webpage for an online worship service. Before starting the video, download this PDF file of the song lyrics and responsive readings. You may even want to print a copy to have in front of you. Finally, be sure to check our webpage and Facebook page throughout the week to keep informed of ways we can love God and neighbor during these trying times.


    Roger Crutchfield

    Thank you David and Bobby for providing this service to us! We feel as if we have been to church and in your fellowship! Thank you as well for your message of hope and efforts to keep us all in a good place.
    Love and Peace to all,
    Roger and Cindy Crutchfield

    Janis Mcintosh

    Thank you for the uplifting music and message. It made me miss all the hugs from all my “friends”. Tears are a great release of pent up feelings that I thought I had under control. I appreciate you both. God Bless you all.

    Becky Wilber

    It was good to have an opportunity to join in worship & feel as much a part of it as possible! Thank you, David & Bobby!

    Kelly Howard

    Any ideas why I can watch the video on my phone but when I try on a laptop it says “This video is restricted. It must be approved for you to view it”?!

      Jason Porterfield Author

      Hi Kelly, I’m not sure why you’re getting a restricted video message when you try to watch it on your laptop. I went ahead and tweaked a setting for the video. Perhaps that will resolve the issue. If not, maybe it will work if you try watching the video directly on YouTube. Try this link:


        thank you i think i figured it out. i noticed it was logged on as my daughter’s school account. i also just figured out how to pull it up on our smart tv !!

    Margaret McDonald

    Thanks for the memories, Bobby and David! for reminding us that the future is always an unknown, always!
    Sometime we, in our hubris, THINK we know the future and can control it. But we no more know the future in “good” times than in uncertain ones. Only God knows! And He smiles.

    Sarah Furlow

    Thank you so much for this…. your words and songs mean the world to me!
    Blessings and rest to everyone,
    Sarah Furlow

    Peter V.

    Thanks guys. Very well done; very much appreciated. Be and stay well. Hope to see you all in person soon. But for now, this is (for sure) the next best thing…

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