December 29th update from David Bridges

December 29th update from David Bridges

Greetings in Christ’s name!

The shepherds returned home, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen. Everything happened just as they had been told.  – Luke 2.20

I’ve sometimes wondered what it was like for the shepherds to return home after they’d heard the angels sing and seen Jesus in the manger.  It seems likely that they would have had difficulty returning to the same old patterns, schedules, and discussions in which they had participated before they’d gone to the manger.  Surely things had changed for them because of what they had seen and heard.  Luke says they went home glorifying and praising God about it all.  I imagine so. 

Rochelle and I had the privilege of enjoying a few days off work last week.  It was nice to sleep all night and know the alarm would not ring in the morning.  It was wonderful to have no schedule, or at least not much of one.  And it was joyful to simply relax and move at a slower pace than usual.  But today, we’ve both returned to our normal schedules and it feels as if we’re returning to the regular rhythms of our lives. 

But things aren’t the same.  We’ve just finished celebrating the birth of Jesus once again.  And yes, we have celebrated like this every December of our lives.  So I understand why people just go back to their regular patterns and normal schedules the week after Christmas.  But I’m challenged by what Luke says the shepherds did when they went home.  They glorified God for all that they had seen and heard.  And I wonder if I am doing the same?  Am I glorifying God through my words and actions now?  Or was that the kind of thing I only practiced during the Advent season?  As you return to your normal patterns and regular schedules in the next few weeks, remember all of the wonderful things you’ve seen and heard this past month, and allow God’s Spirit to inspire you to glorify God with your actions and words.

This Week

Ted Roeser needs a few volunteers to help with Meals on Wheels deliveries the last week in January.  If you can help, or would like to learn more about the job, contact

Our next time to host Family Promise guests is coming up from January 10-17.  We will need volunteers to bring meals each evening, and people to stay overnight in the church each night that our guests are here (beds will be provided; bring your own sleeping bag or linens).  We would also appreciate help with set up and tear down.  If you would like to volunteer in one of these areas or would just like more information about what is involved, please contact one of our Family Promise coordinators – Desiree Trevino ( or Beth Skeeter (

Finally, just a reminder that for contributions to be included on your 2020 statement from the church, they need to be made by December 31.  You can either put them in the drop box outside the office door on or before the 31st, mail them in time to be postmarked on the 31st, or make an online contribution through our website before midnight on the 31st.  We are grateful for your faithful giving!  Your contributions spread Christ’s good news in this community and throughout the world. 

Go with God, who fuels our hopes and quiets our fears—everywhere and always.  Amen.


David Bridges