January 4th update from David Bridges

January 4th update from David Bridges

Greetings in Christ’s name!

Western Christian traditions celebrate Epiphany on January 6th this year (most Orthodox traditions celebrate on January 19th).  The word Epiphany comes from a Greek word that means “revealing.” So the “Epiphany” has been used to speak about a revealing or manifestation of a divine or supernatural being.  In Western Christian traditions, Epiphany remembers the Magi’s visit to Jesus—which signals Christ had come for Gentiles as well as for his own people.  In the Eastern Christian traditions Epiphany remembers the baptism of Jesus and celebrates his full divinity and full humanity.  Both celebrations are welcome and helpful to me.  I’m so glad that Christ has come not only as the Jewish Messiah, but as the savior of the world!  And being fully God and fully human makes Jesus able to completely identify with our experiences, while also being able to transcend those experiences and lift us to a greater reality—rescuing us from destructive behaviors, liberating us from harmful systems, saving us from ultimate harm and leading us to life everlasting.  I hope as you contemplate the revelation of God this week, the meaning of these traditional celebrations will make you grateful and give you hope, because gratitude and hope fuel faithful lives. 

This Week:

An Invitation to Join Jason Porterfield’s Book Launch Team: One of our own, Jason Porterfield, has written a new book that examines each day of Holy Week through the lens of peacemaking. The book, Fight Like Jesus, releases February 1st with Herald Press, and he’s currently looking for people to join his book launch team. Launch team members agree to read a free advanced copy of the book, leave an honest review on Amazon, and tell others about the book on social media or through word of mouth. You can learn more about what’s involved and apply at this link: https://forms.gle/oSjNb23Dyzs36MUz9    

If you’d like to read significant parts of the bible this year and have a space to process what you’re reading, join the Read Scripture 2022 class.  In January, read Mark’s gospel and then join me to discuss it on February 1st (7pm).  Send me an email to sign up for the class and I’ll send you a reminder about the class with a little more information later in January. 

We like to have fresh flowers at the front of the worship room (in front of the pulpit) each Sunday morning.  If you would like to provide the flowers one Sunday this year, please email joyce@friendswoodfriends.org

May God be revealed to you in a way that makes you grateful and gives you hope.  And may God’s revelation in your life fuel your love for others around you.


David Bridges


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