January 24th update from David Bridges

January 24th update from David Bridges

Michael, our guest speaker in worship Sunday, taught us how to share our Christian faith with people when you can’t speak their language. He told stories about moving into the village where they now live—Michael’s family didn’t speak the local language, they knew very few people, they were unfamiliar with the local culture and religion. Yet they noticed people were watching them. Watching for how they interacted, how they treated each other, how they parented and how they went about their lives. Michael realized that people noticed that his family always told the truth. People saw that he and his wife were kind to each other. People perceived that his family was loving and forgiving. Michael said that these were the ways that people in that village were introduced to Christian faith.

As I listened to his message, I realized that other people are watching you and me too. In our culture, not many people want to listen to us speak about Jesus or about Christian faith. In fact, most people are turned off when Christians speak about their faith. But they notice things about us Christians. They notice when we tell the truth, or when we are kind, or when we forgive or serve others. Unfortunately, they also notice when we do not do those things. So, consider this week how your life speaks to others around you. Even if you’re not using words, you are sharing the way of Jesus and your faith in him with those who are watching you.

This Week:

Everyone is invited to come watch our quiz team do a “mock quiz” in the Coffee Cafe following the service this Sunday. The mock quiz is simple: our teams compete against each other using practice questions and you get a chance to see their hard work put into action. Stop by and support our Junior Highers as they prepare for their first official quiz competition on February 4th here at the church. Snacks, drinks, and childcare provided. 

From our presiding clerk, Matt Wilber: The Coordinators are planning a luncheon to honor David and Rochelle Bridges and celebrate their 23 years of ministry among us. The celebration will take place on Sunday, February 26th following the morning service, which will be David’s last Sunday as our Senior Pastor. The church will provide a meal of fajitas – we hope that all of you will plan to join us. We need a headcount, so please sign up by using this link, or you can sign up in the Coffee Café for the next several Sundays. 

Last Sunday, the Mission Team invited you to make pledges to financially support our missionaries in this coming year. CLICK HERE to enter your financial commitment to missions for 2023. Your pledge will help the Mission Team know how to budget and plan this year. 

Contribution statements for 2022 will be sent this week.  Most statements will be sent by email, so please be watching for your statement if you will need it for tax purposes. If you do not receive your statement this week, have questions about your statement, or prefer a printed copy rather than email, contact joyce@friendswoodfriends.org. Also, if you need to update your email address, please let Joyce know. 

May God strengthen you this week to love and serve those whose paths you cross.


David Bridges


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