Kids Hope USA

Kids Hope USA

Kids Hope USA is the catalyst for an expanding network of church/school partnerships. These partnerships take on the enormous challenge of kids at risk—One Child, One Hour, One Church, One School at a time—through one-on-one mentoring relationships.

KidsHopeUSAVertical2One Child

An at-risk public elementary school child who needs a relationship with a caring adult.

One Hour

Sixty critical minutes each week when a trained mentor befriends a child and helps him or her acquire basic academic skills.

One Church

Takes ownership of a program with its neighborhood school and provides a trained mentor and a behind-the-scenes prayer partner for each child.

One School

Welcomes this proven intervention to increase the academic skills of at-risk children, while incurring no additional expense.

How Can You Get Involved?

  • MENTOR: Give love to a child one hour per week at the school.
  • PRAYER PARTNER: Be the person who upholds the child, the mentor and the relationship in life changing prayer.
  • SUBSTITUTE MENTOR: Be available to stand in for a mentor who must miss a session.
  • VOLUNTEER: All Kids Hope USA mentors volunteer their time to nurture the heart of an at-risk child. These loving, caring adults are all members of the congregation at the participating partner church, and each makes a commitment to devote an hour every week to their mentoring role.

For more information on the partnership of Friendswood Friends Church and Westwood Elementary, contact Beth or Alan Stanfield at or 281-948-9784

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