Student Ministries

Student Ministries

About FFC Student Ministries

Student Ministries at Friendswood Friends Church looks a little bit different than it did before the pandemic. Thankfully, nothing can stop us from worshiping God in new and creative ways. We trust these “new and creative ways” are just as spiritually formative as other faithful acts of worship in the past. The outward activities look different, but the inward reality and intention are the same: we’re learning how to faithfully love God and our neighbors (Matthew 22:35-40; Mark 12:28-34; Luke 10:25-28).

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For more information about Student Ministries, contact Josiah Brown.

Upcoming Events

FUSE & CORE Are Happening Every Week!

FUSE is a weekly gathering for Junior High students (6th-8th grade). FUSE meets weekly on Sundays from 6:00-7:00pm in the Friends Center (gym building by the cemetery). We’ll play games and have a short lesson. Students are encouraged to invite their friends to come along with them. We’re continuing to follow Covid-19 precautions to protect ourselves, one another, and our community. 

CORE is a weekly gathering for High School students (9th-12th grade). CORE meets weekly on Sundays from 7:30-9:00pm in the Friends Center (gym building by the cemetery). We’ll play games, worship together, and have a lesson. CORE is almost completely student led. All COVID-19 precautions will be followed faithfully.

Contact if you have questions.

Text Message Reminders:

The best way to receive updates is to sign up for Remind. How do I sign up, you ask? I’m so glad you asked. Here are two ways to sign up: 

  • On your iPhone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to this link ( Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind. You’ll be prompted to download the mobile app. 
  • If you don’t have a smartphone, get text notifications by texting the message @ffcstudent to the number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @ffcstudent to (856) 347-4497.

Weekly Events for 6th-12th Grade


  • What: 6th – 8th grade weekly gathering for games, fellowship, and a short lesson.
  • When & Where: Sunday nights, 6:00 – 7:00 pm, in the Friends Center (gym building). 


  • What: 9th – 12th grade weekly gathering. This is the largest Sr. high gathering of the week and is led mostly by the Student Leadership Team. There will be games, fellowship, and interactive lessons on important biblical and topical issues, taught by students and adults.
  • When & Where: Sunday nights, 7:30 – 9:00 pm, in the Friends Center (gym building).

Junior High Bible Quiz

  • What: 7th – 8th grade weekly practice w/ competition in the spring semester. Bible Quiz is a fun, challenging and in-depth way for students to study and memorize Scripture. Churches in our denomination meet 4-5 times in the spring to compete with one another. Team identity, competition, study and travel all unite in Bible Quiz to create a tight-knit community between students and adults leaders, as well as memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Contact Josiah if your 7th or 8th grade student is interested.

Sunday School

  • Currently suspended due to Covid-19. Stay tuned for Sunday School’s return! 

Student Ministries Calendar

To add our Student Ministries calendar to your calendar app, simply click the subscribe button.  As new events are added, they will be automatically synced to your calendar app.  If you ever need to cancel your subscription to our calendar, this can easily be done in your calendar app’s settings.


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